Welcome to the Johns Hopkins HIV Neurology Group Home Page. Our group is dedicated to a combined clinical and basic science approach to understanding and treating neurological conditions found in HIV infection.  We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with  HIV-related neurological disease.  Our patients are seen at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Moore Clinic. Appointments can be made by calling 410-955-6414 or 410-955-3730.

Through an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, our research is aimed at elucidating the underlying mechanisms responsible for the evolution of neurological disease in HIV infection, and through this understanding, to develop better therapies to treat these conditions.  Our researchers include specialists in the areas of neuroepidemiology, neuroimmunology, neuropathology, and clinical pharmacology.

At this site, we provide information about specific neurological conditions occurring in HIV infection, details about our research, information about how to participate in our clinical trials and cohort studies, and links to other facilities and sites containing useful information.


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